Agronomic management of golf courses

We keep golf courses in optimal conditions

The maintenance management of any golf course is of great importance for the good practice of it. At Selprats, we are committed to maintaining the course in optimal conditions by preparing nutritional plans, cultural work strategies, comprehensive maintenance plans, among others.

Maintenance and agronomic management

  • Preparation of nutritional plans
  • Integrated pest and disease management strategies
  • Selection, identification and control of caespitose species
  • Sand and substrate selection
  • Maintenance and optimization of machinery parks
  • Operation, maintenance and optimization of irrigation systems
  • Strategies for cultural work
  • Integral maintenance plans
  • Incorporation of work systems
  • Monitoring and quality control
  • Interpretation and management of saline and/or poor quality water
  • Lake water maintenance and management
  • Calibration and training in the use of work equipment
  • Maintenance of landscaping and/or garden areas
  • Establishing and opening the courses
  • Planning of planting and replanting

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